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Example of background removal service's photo

Clipping Expert Asia is the best Photo editing and retouching service provider company in the world. Here some sample works of background removal service have been done by the designer of Clipping Expert Asia.

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How to add makeup in Photoshop

How to add makeup in Photoshop

add makeup in Photoshop

Do you ever hear it is possible to add makeup on your model’s face? It sound likes bullshit! Am I right? But, I am not here to fun with you. In this article, I will prove that it is possible to add makeup on the face using Photoshop. Let see the below guideline step by step to add makeup in Photoshop.

Step 1

First, open an image in Photoshop you wish to add makeup. Then, unlock the background layer. To do this, double click on it in the layer panel. Next, you need to make a duplicate layer of the image. So, right-click on the layer from the layer panel, and choose duplicate layer.

Then, go to Filter > Other > Highpass. It will bring a dialogue box, from there choose radius. In this tutorial, I have used 6 px.

From the layer drop-down menu, select overlay.

Step 2

In this step, you should invert the image. So, go to Image > Adjustment > Invert. Then, your image looks like the below one.

The image looks so blurry. So, we need to fix the image. You can easily reduce the blurry effect from the image by lowering the opacity. In this tutorial, I reduce the opacity to 60%.

Then, you should add a layer mask on that image. To do this, click on the rectangle in the middle of the image.

Step 3

After adding a layer mask, you need to fill the layer mask to black color. We select the black color as it hides the elements of the layer. To do this, go to Edit > Fill. Then, set the use to black. If you want to reveal content areas, just press X to swatch the background and foreground color. Then, click ok to close the box.


Step 4

Select the brush tool from the toolbar menu. You can adjust the brush size by using the left and the right bracket on your keyboard. Now, brush on the skin. You can see which area you brush or not in the layer. White area shows the area you brushing, and the black area shows the area you don’t brush.

After doing that, create a new layer and select the polygonal lasso tool for painting over the right eyelid. Then, right click on the selection and fill the color you wish. Close the dialogue box by clicking on ok after entering your desired color. Next, right click on the selection and choose to deselect. To add color on left eyelid, do the same thing you have done on the right eyelid.

Step 5

Now, click on the Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. It will bring a dialogue box, from the box set the radius to 4.5 pixels. Then, click ok to close the dialogue box. Next, select the overlay from the layer drop-down menu.

You need to adjust the eyelid color you add as it looks unreal. So, select the smudge tool to fix the problem.

Now, see the image, you can successfully add makeup on the eyelid of your image with the help of Photoshop.

In the next tutorial, we learn how to add eyeliner, lipstick till then stay with us.

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How to use Photoshop Layer Mask

How to use Photoshop Layer Mask
Photoshop layer mask is one of the best tools which allow us to control over the transparency of the image. This option is one of the essential functions of this photo editing software. It is essential to understand the Layer Mask and how it works as well as how it uses. It opens door to access other creative work for the users. So it is essential to know the use of Photoshop Layer Mask.
In this content, I am going to discuss the use of Photoshop Layer Mask. Let have a close eye to view how we can use it in our workflow. Let’s start.

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Add a layer mask to a layer

At first, choose an image you want or willing to mask. Then, select the Layer mask icon or Go to Layer, then Layer Mask, and then choose to Reveal all/Hide all. Then, you can see what happened. A white rectangular has appeared to the right side of the photo you want to mask.
Though after adding a layer, there is no conspicuous change in the canvas. And it happens because of the mask of the layer. Yes, the layer mask takes the information of the pixel data.

Filled the layer mask with black

Do you guess what happened if we use black pixel instead of white? For this, just click on the layer thumbnail, and then choose Edit to Fill. Choose the black color. The layers take the black color instantly when you choose the black. As a result, the layer mask is shown invisible.
If you use both halves of the white and black pixel, the half part of the mask is visible and another half part seems to invisible.


Filled the layer mask with the gradient

The use of Layer Mask is don’t end by using white and black. The layer mask can catch any information of the grayscale pixel. Let see what happened if we use gradient.

For taking gradient tools, press G from the keyboard. Then, choose the layer mask by clicking the thumbnail of the image. Pull the gradient tool across the image. Now, the image thumbnails fill with black to white. The layer smoothly converts to full transparency as well as opacity.

Filled the layer mask with photographic content

You can also use any photographic word in or content used in the Layer Mask. For this, make a layer mask at first and named it as you wish. Next, make a copy of the layer and press Ctrl + A for selecting all, then copy the layer. For pasting the image to the layer mask, we need to access the Parallel Universe. Then, hold Alt and click on the layer thumbnails. Now past the layer, you copy earlier by holding Ctrl + V.

To add fine tune on the layer, click on the layer mask thumbnail. Then, select Image to adjustments, and the brightness and contrast. It helps you make your image perfect.

Now, you may know well about the Photoshop layer mask and its use. If you want to bring creativity in your work, use Photoshop layer mask.



Some effective way to edit product photos

Now, you have all the necessary accessories for product photography. You know what kinds of image you have. And also know what quality image you need. So, what you do after taking your photo? Of course, you edit the photo to make it more sophisticated or find a photo editor to do it for yourself. In this article, I am going to describe how to edit the product photo for running a lucrative online business.

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It’s time to edit product photos:

Many software and application are available for product photo editing. You need to have enough knowledge about photo editing software on how to use for editing. It is a great pleasure for us that we can know how to use the application through the YouTube tutorial.

Find out how you want the product image at last to look, before editing product photo. To start with pure product photography, make your site suitable for browsing. As a result, people can see your product image.

For an eCommerce business, make sure that your product image gives the right impression. Make your product photo more attractive and eye-catching. It helps to evoke and display the best feature of your product. As a result, your customer gets the best output and knows about your product well.

For doing this, almost all the business uses photo editing apps for getting the best result. Photo editing apps make their product photo more realistic and beautiful.

A customer always found how to save their time. For this, they pay great attention to information and realistic images.

When any consumer sees the product image, they are finding the quality proof of the image as well as the value. The first see the shape of the image, and then they see other image and make a plan to purchase gradually.

Now, we discuss two common edits Background Removal and Color correction

Background Removal

In product photography, the most common editing work is Background Removal. We always recommend shooting a photo on white background. It will make easier for removing the background by using photo editing apps. Background removal allows us to change color, remove hair and other unusual things. And maintain image quality.

Photoshop, Powers Point, Preview and Microsoft are some example of photo editing program. It’s your choice which one you select. We recommend you to use Photoshop and Lightroom for removing the background.

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Color Correction

Color Correction is another type of photo editing work for maintaining accurate color. If you use a solid background, you need to use it a little bit for a better presentation.

Why photography increases conversion

Almost all the consumer wants to see product photo before they make a plan for purchasing. There is no doubt that visual content attracts people more than writing. And that’s why almost all the website uses the image for increasing traffic.

The high-quality image reflects your brand, its feature, and also its product quality. The professional and high-quality image helps to increase engagement.

Image Retouching is another photo editing work that makes your image polish. You can do the work by using Photoshop.

For doing the job, you need to notice the following things.

Exposure: By the help of this option, you can make the image darker or glitter.

Brightness: This option also does the same thing as exposure.

Saturation: If your image is a bit yellow or orange, you can change the color by using this setting.

Clarity: Clarity setting helps you to make your image sharp.

Shadows: By the help of this setting, you can easily remove blemishes if there is any in white background.


If you want to start this business and don’t have enough money, you can follow our tips for doing the job yourself. You don’t need to hire a photo editor.


How to take product photos with a smartphone

We can’t imagine ourselves without the use of modern technology. Without a computer, smartphone, and laptop, we can't imagine ourselves a single day. Do you imagine yourself without using your smartphone a single day? You don’t.

Smartphone not only an electronic device for using communicate with each other, but also it becomes part and parcel of our life. Professionals also admit this device as the most essential part of their daily life.

Now, we can use a smartphone for product photography. Is there any confusion about this? Let me break the confusion of your mind.

Some tips and tricks for taking product photography

The smartphone is becoming part of our daily life. It is a handy device for taking product photography. I give you some practical tips and tricks for taking photos of your product by use of a smartphone. Hope you will be amazed to see the quality of your product image by using your smartphone. If you want, you can visit this site for getting the product image cut out the solution.

To improve your SmartPhone product photography, you can take the product photo editing service. 

Determine the focus itself

Go camera setting of your smartphone and set automatic focus. It allows you to control the different level of sharpness and image composition. Once you set this and touch on a part of the picture, the camera automatically focuses on the desired area of your photo.

Actively design the screen layout

At first, make a sense actually what you desired to photograph and consider the environment before taking a photo. Ask yourself some question such as: What the environment around the place you select? Is there more light or less? There is any way to give a new look or new angle into my image?

Consider where the sun and shadow. Shadow makes a photo more realistic and natural.

Before taking a shot, consider the above things that make your photo more realistic and increase image quality.

Ensure the right exposure

There is no need to rely on your smartphone’s automatic exposure correction all time. But you need to ensure the right white balance of your smartphone. So, directly go the setting and deactivate the automatic setting. You can also deactivate the flash for getting the better image. So, use this setting when you need it.


Almost all modern smartphone has the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting. But is a great shame that many people are not aware of this. HDR mode helps to take 3 different images with different exposure at a single time and offers you the best picture you want.

Use some photo editing apps for more creativity

There are many photo editing apps available for taking a photo such as Candy, Love Candy etc. Use this application and get the best result.

Practical accessories for smartphone photography

It is quite impossible to get micro shot by using your smartphone. It happens same at the time of wide angle and fisheye. If you need, it is good news for you that many manufacturers make a slip on lenses.

Sometimes the image stabilizer helps

Image stabilizer makes your image sharp. You get the less blurry image with the help of this. However, in some smartphones, this option is just an electronic option, it doesn’t play any critical.

Clean up your lens

Clean up your smartphone’s camera lens before taking a photo. By doing this, you will get a quality image.

Choose high resolution

High resolution means a high-quality image. It makes your photo more professional. Before select high-resolution note: If your file is significant, it creates a problem to store it.

Familiarize yourself with the software

Almost all modern smartphones have bokeh features, HDR, panorama and other necessary option. You need to know where the setting is situated. It helps you to save your time for searching the option.

Don’t move while shooting

To get the best result, doesn’t move while you are shooting a photo.

Trim, don’t zoom

You can just trim your photo but can’t zoom. When you zoom on the camera of your smartphone, the quality of your image may be decreased.


A smartphone is not an electronic device for communicating with each other or play music, but it becomes our life. You can quickly get a high-quality image by using your smartphone. By following these tips and tricks, you can get the best product photo for your business.





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