How to add makeup in Photoshop

How to add makeup in Photoshop

add makeup in Photoshop

Do you ever hear it is possible to add makeup on your model’s face? It sound likes bullshit! Am I right? But, I am not here to fun with you. In this article, I will prove that it is possible to add makeup on the face using Photoshop. Let see the below guideline step by step to add makeup in Photoshop.

Step 1

First, open an image in Photoshop you wish to add makeup. Then, unlock the background layer. To do this, double click on it in the layer panel. Next, you need to make a duplicate layer of the image. So, right-click on the layer from the layer panel, and choose duplicate layer.

Then, go to Filter > Other > Highpass. It will bring a dialogue box, from there choose radius. In this tutorial, I have used 6 px.

From the layer drop-down menu, select overlay.

Step 2

In this step, you should invert the image. So, go to Image > Adjustment > Invert. Then, your image looks like the below one.

The image looks so blurry. So, we need to fix the image. You can easily reduce the blurry effect from the image by lowering the opacity. In this tutorial, I reduce the opacity to 60%.

Then, you should add a layer mask on that image. To do this, click on the rectangle in the middle of the image.

Step 3

After adding a layer mask, you need to fill the layer mask to black color. We select the black color as it hides the elements of the layer. To do this, go to Edit > Fill. Then, set the use to black. If you want to reveal content areas, just press X to swatch the background and foreground color. Then, click ok to close the box.


Step 4

Select the brush tool from the toolbar menu. You can adjust the brush size by using the left and the right bracket on your keyboard. Now, brush on the skin. You can see which area you brush or not in the layer. White area shows the area you brushing, and the black area shows the area you don’t brush.

After doing that, create a new layer and select the polygonal lasso tool for painting over the right eyelid. Then, right click on the selection and fill the color you wish. Close the dialogue box by clicking on ok after entering your desired color. Next, right click on the selection and choose to deselect. To add color on left eyelid, do the same thing you have done on the right eyelid.

Step 5

Now, click on the Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. It will bring a dialogue box, from the box set the radius to 4.5 pixels. Then, click ok to close the dialogue box. Next, select the overlay from the layer drop-down menu.

You need to adjust the eyelid color you add as it looks unreal. So, select the smudge tool to fix the problem.

Now, see the image, you can successfully add makeup on the eyelid of your image with the help of Photoshop.

In the next tutorial, we learn how to add eyeliner, lipstick till then stay with us.

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