How to use Photoshop Layer Mask

How to use Photoshop Layer Mask
Photoshop layer mask is one of the best tools which allow us to control over the transparency of the image. This option is one of the essential functions of this photo editing software. It is essential to understand the Layer Mask and how it works as well as how it uses. It opens door to access other creative work for the users. So it is essential to know the use of Photoshop Layer Mask.
In this content, I am going to discuss the use of Photoshop Layer Mask. Let have a close eye to view how we can use it in our workflow. Let’s start.

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Add a layer mask to a layer

At first, choose an image you want or willing to mask. Then, select the Layer mask icon or Go to Layer, then Layer Mask, and then choose to Reveal all/Hide all. Then, you can see what happened. A white rectangular has appeared to the right side of the photo you want to mask.
Though after adding a layer, there is no conspicuous change in the canvas. And it happens because of the mask of the layer. Yes, the layer mask takes the information of the pixel data.

Filled the layer mask with black

Do you guess what happened if we use black pixel instead of white? For this, just click on the layer thumbnail, and then choose Edit to Fill. Choose the black color. The layers take the black color instantly when you choose the black. As a result, the layer mask is shown invisible.
If you use both halves of the white and black pixel, the half part of the mask is visible and another half part seems to invisible.


Filled the layer mask with the gradient

The use of Layer Mask is don’t end by using white and black. The layer mask can catch any information of the grayscale pixel. Let see what happened if we use gradient.

For taking gradient tools, press G from the keyboard. Then, choose the layer mask by clicking the thumbnail of the image. Pull the gradient tool across the image. Now, the image thumbnails fill with black to white. The layer smoothly converts to full transparency as well as opacity.

Filled the layer mask with photographic content

You can also use any photographic word in or content used in the Layer Mask. For this, make a layer mask at first and named it as you wish. Next, make a copy of the layer and press Ctrl + A for selecting all, then copy the layer. For pasting the image to the layer mask, we need to access the Parallel Universe. Then, hold Alt and click on the layer thumbnails. Now past the layer, you copy earlier by holding Ctrl + V.

To add fine tune on the layer, click on the layer mask thumbnail. Then, select Image to adjustments, and the brightness and contrast. It helps you make your image perfect.

Now, you may know well about the Photoshop layer mask and its use. If you want to bring creativity in your work, use Photoshop layer mask.



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